Matte White Chawan V.02


Knowing how much tea ware can add to a daily matcha routine, we asked local ceramicist Robert Stickney to make us a collection of chawans that are easy to whisk in, not too fragile, and pleasing to hold in the hand. 

This chawan is the first batch Robert has made in collaboration with us, in a beautiful matte white glaze. It has a classic shape, perfect for whisking an everyday matcha in, or preparing matcha lattes, and have a sleek, subtle finish. Its real charm is felt when you hold it and lift it to your mouth.

Many will be familiar with Robert’s work. He is a long-time educator and ceramicist, based in Vancouver BC. He has been teaching ceramics for over a decade, and has been studying and making chawans for more than 2 decades. He currently teaches at the Shadbolt Centre of Arts, which is also where he fires his chawans. 

** Please note that, as each chawan is made by hand and naturally fired, they differ slightly in size, shape, colorations, and tone. The actual item you receive may have slight variations to the one photographed; these variations are an intentional part of this collection. 

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Approximate dimensions

⌀: 4½"
H: 2½"

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