Minori-en White Sandalwood


Sandalwood trees, native to India and the South Pacific region, take a very long time to grow, and are thus, like agarwood, considered very precious materials to work with. Sandalwood has been used as a fragrance in Buddhist temples since ancient times and was introduced to Japan through its use in Buddhist practice. Its sweet and transportive scent has been associated with spaces of contemplation since. This blended sandalwood is the most fragrant and enveloping incense of the 3 we carry from Minori-en.

Net Weight: 18 grams

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Traditional Incense from Minori-en みのり苑 of Japan

Minori-en has been crafting traditional incense for over a century. They are based in the Shiga Prefecture of Japan, and deliver their incense to nearby temples such as Sanzen-In, Enryakuji, and Miidera.

I first encountered incense from Minori-en at Sanzen-In Temple in O’Hara, on the outskirts of Kyoto. While exploring this modest temple, I was followed by a captivating and serene scent. After some time there, I spoke with one of the monks, who shared with me that their incense is made by a small producer in Shiga, about an hour away. He told me the name – Minori-en – and I set out to find them.

The motto of Minori-en is “Scent is peace,” and they are dedicated to making incense with pure materials that in turn, clarify both spaces and those who enter them. It is easy to understand why they are the suppliers to so many places for stillness, sanctuary, and contemplation. Their incense is intended to offer a different experience of time, much more spacious than the rhythms of daily life.

We are fortunate to carry three varieties of Minro-en incense at Cultivate: Byakudan (White Sandalwood), Jinko (Agarwood), and Kyara (Premium Agarwood). 

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