Ms. Qiong's Heritage Red



April 2021

Fu'an, Fujian

This Heritage Red is a very special tea from Ms. Qiong. She crafts in very small quantities each year as a tribute to her late father, and the memories she had of watching him make tea. It is made from tea leaves from a small plot of tea garden that was started by Ms. Qiong’s late father in the 1970’s. When Ms. Qiong’s father passed away 10 years ago, he left this small plot of tea garden to her. The tea trees are a rare and heirloom cultivar of small-leaf varietal tea trees indigenous to the region.  

Ms. Qiong’s hometown is Xiufeng Village in Fu’an County of Fujian Province, where the history of tea cultivation spans hundreds of years. She grew up watching her father and mother harvest and make tea. She says the tea farming practices of today are vastly different from what they were when she was young. “When I was young, our tea trees were not sprayed with pesticides and we did not use chemical fertilizers. There were not many pests. I just think that our present day farming practices are too destructive for the Earth. I hope the soil and earth can return to its natural, balanced state.“

She firmly believes the key to our future lies in reconnecting ourselves with nature: living and farming in accordance with nature’s principles. Guided by this pure intention, she adopted natural farming methods to care for her tea garden and the crafting of her teas. She simply wants to make use of the decades old deserted tea garden that her father left her to make clean, radiant and delicious tea.
Her teas are made with faith and conviction, yielding a tea that is simple, clean, and soft with an unwavering stamina.

In the spring season, she harvests during the daytime and crafts the tea at night. It is extremely labour intensive, but it is the only way she wants to make her tea. Since she tends to the tea garden all by herself, she is only able to produce a very limited amount of tea each year. We are very fortunate to have her natural-farmed white tea, Spring Light, in our collection.

This tea is truly a labour of love for Ms. Qiong - it is entirely crafted by hand. Following traditional methods, it is sun-dried on bamboo mats. This natural drying process allows the tea to dry over low temperature and slowly, making the tea taste more gentle and smooth.

To me, this gentle black tea is perfect for the current spring season. Its sweet and floral notes compliments all the beautiful blooms in nature - cherry blossoms, magnolias, plum blossoms. It has pronounced toasted sesame, buckwheat honey aromatics on the nose. On the palate, it has notes of vanilla, caramel and wild flowers. 

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Brewing guide

The key to brewing this tea is to use boiling water, and very fast infusions, starting at 10 seconds.

Tea 4 g
Water 120 ml
Steep time 10 - 60 sec
No. of infusions 10+

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