Osmanthus Laoshan Black



A very rare and special tea from our friend Mr. Tang’s small family tea garden. Almost every one’s yard in Mount Lao has two flower plants: camellia and osmanthus. Every autumn, the osmanthus flowers blossom for only a week. The best time to harvest them is during the 3 days in the middle of the season. During these 3 days, the tiny delicate flowers are picked by hand and layered in between the fresh harvest of the Laoshan Black, then slowly roasted in low temperatures over charcoal. The black tea absorbs the delicate aromas and fragrance of the osmanthus flowers.

This tea is smooth, rich and nutty; a “dessert tea”, with notes of butter pecan, roasted hazelnut and dried sweet prunes.

October 2019

Laoshan, Qingdao
ml Time  Infusions
4 95 150 5-10 sec 8

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