Silver Needle


April 2020

Jinggu, Yunnan

Jinggu Big White varietal of pu erh trees were first widely planted between 1985 and 1993. The varietal was prized for the beautiful look of its leaves and for having high yield. Back then, most tea farmers processed the leaves into pu erh and sold them as mao cha to the bigger pu erh factories; or, they made them into green tea with its silvery needles, and sold them to Guangxi where they would be made into jasmine tea; or the leaves would be made into golden tips black tea.

Mr. Tang is the pioneer for combining the craftsmanship of white teas from Fujian with the leaves of these Jinggu Big White varietal of pu erh trees. This is the result of years of experimentation with the processing.

The trees for this tea were planted by Mr. Tang himself 17 years ago. His farming methods are organic and biodynamic, using manure from sheep that he raises himself on the farm.

This Silver Needle is harvested in the spring season and only the precious young buds are picked for this tea. The freshly harvested buds are immediately placed indoors inside a wooden hut to start the process of withering. The withering process must be carefully looked after - the leaves are to be turned numerous times a day depending on the amount of sunlight, rain, and humidity in the air. Usually, the withering process lasts between 7 to 10 days.

On the palate, the tea is delicate, sweet, syrupy and extremely comforting. The sensation is to be experienced, like drinking a concoction of a bouquet of alpine flowers. It is perfect for days when we are feeling gentle, pretty and calming.

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Brewing guide

Tea 4g
90-100 °C
Water  120ml
Steep time 10 - 90 sec
No. of infusions 10+

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