Pu’erh Ripe Essence of Lincang 2017


为上古树熟普 2017

Spring 2017 

Fengqing, Yunnan

A remarkably rich, sweet, and well rounded pu'erh ripe, handcrafted in small quantities from only the finest arbor tree leaves in Lincang, Yunnan by Mr. Du.

The leaves are from Fengshan in Fengqing, Yunnan, hand picked from arbor trees that are approximately 200 years old. Only the tender one bud and two to three leaves were picked. The leaves were carefully fermented in small batches for two and a half months, on wooden pallets, off the ground to ensure cleanliness. The tea was then aged for six months at room temperatures, and carefully pressed into cakes. 

The result is a full bodied pu'erh that is an absolute pleasure to drink, especially for its young age. The mouthfeel is incredibly smooth and satisfying, the sensation is best described as drinking an elegant consommé  rich in texture and flavor, but with clarity and purity. It has notes of sweet glutinous rice, moist earth and sweet jujube dates.


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