Rose Keemun Gold


April 2021

Qimen, Anhui (Keemun black tea) · Pingyin, Shandong (Rose)


Rose Keemun Gold tea is an experimental and small batch black tea made with the highest grade of heritage Keemun black tea from Qimen county, Anhui province. This tea is special because it is scented with freshly harvested heirloom China roses.

The art of scenting tea leaves with fresh flowers is a centuries-old tradition dating back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1125 - 1279 CE).

There are two philosophies behind the process of scenting tea leaves. The current day method is to make flavored tea cheaply and fast. Blenders simply add rose extract or flavoring into the tea leaves. This is done for most rose flavored teas.

The philosophy that led to this experimental Rose Keemun Gold is to honor ancestral knowledge, craftsmanship and time-honored traditions of scenting teas with fresh flowers. The Keemun tea is made is April and when the roses blooms in July, the craftsmen bring the tea to local the rose farm to scent the tea directly with still-fresh rose flowers. The roses are hand harvested in their bloom and immediately added to the dry tea leaves to add freshness and aroma.

Scenting is an ancient Chinese process to honor and preserve the essence and fragrance of fresh flowers. Tea leaves are remarkable due to its capacity to absorb beautiful aromas. Scenting of the tea is done in small batches and by hand. Equal amounts of freshly harvested heirloom China roses are scattered over the Keemun Gold. The following day the craftsmen separate the rose petals from the tea leaves and the tea is slowly roasted over charcoal for a few hours. This batch of Keemun Gold underwent two rounds of scenting each time with fresh roses.

The soul and essence of the rose in all its splendor is transformed and infused onto the Keemun Gold, crafted following time-honored traditions with tremendous skill, patience and love.

This is what makes this experimental and small batch of Rose Keemun Gold so special.

Drinking this beautiful tea is reminiscent of the experience of walking through a luscious park when all the trees and flowers are in full bloom. On the nose, this tea is exquisitely fragrant, with notes of dried prunes and sweet floral nectar. On the palate, it has distinct notes of delicate crimson roses, pine needle, and fresh almonds. It has a long aftertaste of seckel pear and cherry blossom.

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Brewing guide

Tea 4 g
Water 120 ml
Steep time 10 - 60 sec
No. of infusions 8



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