Semi Wild Shou Mei 2019


抛荒寿眉 2019

Made by Mr. Fan, nickname Hunter. Mr. Fan accidentally discovered the mountain full of wild and abandoned tea trees in 2009 while hunting for wild boars that were wreaking havoc for local farmers.

The trees for this tea were planted in the 1970’s by tea farmers but have since been abandoned as people left the villages for coastal cities. 

The tea consists of one bud, three to four leaves, and the stems. It was crafted using traditional methods: a slow and controlled drying process, first outdoors on bamboo mats then indoors, which usually takes 5-7 days.

This tea is earthy, sweet and very soothing. One of our favourite teas to sip on throughout the day..

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Brewing guide

Tea 4 g
Water 120 ml
Steep time 15 - 120 sec
No. of infusions 10


May 2019

Zhenghe, Fujian
ml Time  Infusions
4 100 150 10-15 sec 10+

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