Semi Wild Silver Needle



Made by Mr. Fan, nickname Hunter. Mr. Fan accidentally discovered the mountain full of wild and abandoned tea trees in 2009 while hunting for wild boars that were wreaking havoc for local farmers.

The trees for this tea were planted in the 1970’s by tea farmers, but have since been abandoned as people left the villages for coastal cities. Only the fresh single bud is picked and used to make this tea. Approximately 30,000 buds are needed to make 500 grams of finished tea. Mr. Fan makes his white teas traditionally through all-natural withering and sunlight drying—a slow and delicate process which takes around 48-60 hours. The process may sound simple, but it requires painstaking care and attention.

On the nose, this tea smells of fresh cut wood and asparagus. It tastes incredibly sweet and fresh, like mountain spring water. On the palate, it is bright and delicately floral; with tasting notes of fresh lily, jasmine rice amazake, and rose water.

May 2019

Zhenghe, Fujian
ml Time  Infusions
4 100 120 5-60 sec 12+

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