Shincha "Yamano Ibuki"


This sencha comes to us from a mountainous part of Shizuoka prefecture. Normally when making sencha the leaves, stems, and buds are divided at the final stage of production, but Aka Sencha is finished without separating them. When a sencha is made with both leaves and stems it is known as “arazukuri.”

This sencha is made from the varietal Yamano Ibuki 山の息吹, which translates as “breath of the mountains.” This cultivar originated in this area and has remained quite rare on account of the time and effort it takes to cultivate it.

The inclusion of the stems gives this sencha a round, powdery mouthfeel. Compared to all-leaf senchas it feels sunbleached, and in its faded intensity we taste delicate notes like hay, lychee, and ocean water. Aka is crafted by an experienced tea master who describes this unique sencha as a gentle summer breeze passing through a mountain meadow. 

Net weight 100g

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Brewing Guide

Tea 3g
Water 180 ml
Temperature 70°C or lower
Steep time 20 - 90 seconds
No. of infusions 3

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