Silver Needle & Tea Blossoms 2019



November 2019

Jinggu, Yunnan

The Tea Flower in Silver Needle is an extremely unique and stunning tea in concept, look, and taste. Everything about this tea is very special to us — from the maker, the trees, to the environment and the processing.

It is made by the highly respected Mr. Tang Wang in Jinggu, Yunnan. The Silver Needle is made from leaves of the the Jinggu Big White varietal tea trees that Mr. Tang himself planted when he started his tiny organic tea farm 17 years ago. Mr. Tang is intensely passionate about tea made in the most natural way possible, and that means starting from the ground up: the soil, the tea trees, and the nutrients. Ever since he started his tiny tea farm, it has been completely organic and biodynamic. He also crafts all of his teas by himself, with the utmost care and patience, adhering to traditional craftsmanship.

His organic tea farm is the most pristine, pure, and clean tea farm we have visited during our sourcing trip last year.

Flowers from white tea plants in his small organic tea farm were carefully harvested in the autumn and dried slowly over charcoal over a period of two weeks. The flowers and Silver Needle white tea were compressed into mini cakes in November 2019.

Each year, only 150 mini cakes are made. This is because the tea flowers are a vital source of food for the bees during the winter months and Mr. Tang only harvests a small amount of the flowers for this tea, and leaves most of the flowers for the bees.

The resulting tea is extremely elegant and delicious. It is delicate, with depth and body and distinct honey and floral notes from the tea flowers. The aromatics and sweetness of the tea lingers on the palate.

Brewing guide

Tea 4g
90-100 °C
Water  120ml
Steep time 10 - 90 sec
No. of infusions 10+

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