"Summer Palace" Tasting Set


Our limited edition Summer 2021 Tasting Set inspired by the historic garden estate, Summer Palace, in Beijing that served as a tranquil sanctuary for Emperors and the Imperial family for centuries.

This is a tasting set of five rare and exceptional teas, including two extremely limited-in-harvest teas that we are releasing exclusively for this collection: Silk Chrysanthemum and Snow Huangzhixiang. It also includes two incredibly fresh green teas that just arrived at our tea bar: First Harvest 2021 Laoshan Green, and Anji Baicha Second Harvest 2021.

The five teas are curated specially for the summer season, adhering to ancient Chinese medicinal understandings of tea, the seasons, and our bodies. In the time-honored traditions of tea, the tea table changes along with the seasons: “cooling” teas are for the summer and “warming” teas are for the winter.

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Full contents of the box

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