Sundried Black



Made from 200-year-old arbor trees from Shuangjiang Mengku in Lincang, Yunnan. This is a traditional sundried black tea that the locals have been making for well over a hundred years. What is special about this black tea is the final drying process: after the fresh leaves have undergone the process of withering and rolling, they are placed in the sun to dry slowly, instead of charcoal-roasted or pan-fried at higher temperatures. The slow sunlight drying process of this black tea preserves more chlorophyll and theaflavins in the tea leaves, and the resulting tea is milder, more gentle, and smoother.

This tea is mild, smooth, sweet with notes of caramel and jujubes.

May 2018

Fengqing, Yunnan
ml Time  Infusions
4 95 150 5-10 sec 8

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