A Tale of Two Clays 02

Clay body Porcelain & Stoneware
Kiln Soda-fired
Inside  White glaze
Outside White glaze

This cup is part of a small collection of ceramics from Wei’s most recent soda-firing at the Shadbolt Centre of Arts in Burnaby, BC.

An experimental cup, made by combining two different clay bodies together: porcelain and stoneware. It is glazed on the inside and outside with white glaze.

Wei throws each cup carefully by hand. The pieces are air-dried for 3 days until they are bone dry before trimming and then bisque firing. The cup goes into the kiln without any glaze on the outside and emerges with its own unique color, texture and sheen from the atmosphere inside the kiln. Each piece is fired in the soda kiln for 2 days, where temperatures reach up to 1300°C.

A beautiful cup for your morning cappucino or matcha latte. The two-toned color on the outside is from the mixing of stoneware and porcelain in the clay body. The inside is a matte white finish with iron speckles.

Each tea cup is one-of-a-kind. 

⌀: 95mm (top), 55mm (bottom)
H: 75mm

Please note that discoloration on the inside may occur from the color of the content inside the cup due to the matte finish. We highly recommend rinsing the cup after each use.

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