Tea Jar 02

Clay body Stoneware
Kiln Wood-fired
Inside  Unglazed
Outside Unglazed

This stunning tea jar is part of a small collection of ceramics from Wei’s most recent wood-firing at the Shadbolt Centre of Arts in Burnaby, BC.

Each tea jar is thrown carefully by hand. The body and the lid are made separately on the wheel. Three lids are made for each tea jar so the one with the best fit is picked after the firing. The pieces are air-dried for 3 days until they are bone dry before trimming and then bisque firing. The tea jar was wood-fired for 3 days in the kiln, with temperatures maintained at 1400 degrees Celsius. It took around 3 additional days for the wood-fired kiln to slowly drop in temperature, so each piece spent a total of 6 days in the kiln. The tea jar went into the kiln with no glaze on the inside and outside, and emerges with its own unique color, texture and sheen from the atmosphere inside the kiln.

This strikingly beautiful tea jar has a matte finish on the outside and a slightly textured feel in the hands. It has an extremely elegant shape. Being unglazed both on the inside and outside allows the tea stored inside to breathe, perfect for a special and treasured pu'erh, oolong, or aged white tea. It adds a tremendous presence to the tea table.

Each tea jar is one-of-a-kind. 

⌀: 82mm (body), 53mm (opening)
H: 52mm

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