February 10 & 11: Teas from Taiwan


This weekend we invite you to the tea bar to enjoy seasonal teas that I have just brought back from Taiwan paired with wagashi made by Saki. You will have the choice between a rare Taiwanese white tea and Bi Luo Chun green tea made from the Silver Dragon varietal.

Saki is making a special type of daifuku (one of my favorites!): Mamedaifuku 豆大福, gyuhi mochi with kuromame (black bean), and coarse red bean paste on the inside. 

White Tea #14

The beautiful whole leaves that make up this tea, with their mottled, oxidized colours, have a rustic and unmediated appearance. They brew a golden liquor with a warming, silky mouthfeel. At first this tea has so much florality it is reminiscent of an oolong, but it finishes with the clean and nourishing profile we look for in a white tea. The varietal of this tea, “Number 14,” is very rare, which is a shame, as it makes such a pleasant and soothing tea.

Bi Luo Chun “Silver Dragon” Varietal

The robust, spindly leaves of this green tea unfurl and glisten in the water, actually appearing a bit like a silver dragon might. The baking process the tea went through is felt in the warmth and depth of its liquor. It has an incredibly floral nose, a scent distinct to many Taiwanese teas, which invites a perfumer’s approach to tasting it. This tea will be enjoyed as much for its compelling fragrance as for its feel. 


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