Tea + Wagashi with Saki Fukuda


We are very excited to have wagashi artist, Saki Fukuda, at our shop for the final weekend on March 11 and March 12 for Tea + Wagashi.

Growing up in Nagasaki, Japan, Saki Fukuda apprenticed with traditional Japanese confectionary shop  Kameya Yoshinaga in Kyoto for three years. Wagashi (Japanese traditional confectionary) is her passion, and when Saki moved to Vancouver 3 years ago she took a position at Yuwa Japanese Restaurant, where she has been presenting wagashi and cooking traditional Japanese foods with their inspiring team since.

Saki's hand made wagashi is always elegant, attentively made, and rooted in tradition and seasonality. I always think how fortunate we are to have her in Vancouver.

Menu for March 11 and March 12:

Set One: Warabimochi (わらび餅) paired with BOTTO! Dark Roast Second Harvest Bancha
Warabi-mochi with red been paste, kinako (roasted soybean powder)

Set Two: Suisei(水仙 Daffodil)Nerikiri paired with Anji Baicha High Mountain
Nerikiri mochi and white bean paste with lime white bean paste

Please arrive on time for your chosen time slot. Each seating is 45 minutes long and you will be seated at our bar or at our table.

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