The Craft of Tea Gift Box


We are delighted to offer our Craft of Tea series gift sets.

Each gift set is thoughtfully-curated, and include two beautiful tea tins filled with 25 grams each of our favourite teas. 

Enclosed in an elegant gift box, each tea is accompanied by a tea card with its story, origin and harvest information, as well as its brewing guide.

It is the perfect gift for someone to discover and explore the world of craft teas.

You have the option of choosing one of the following 7 pairings:


Jasmine Wild White
Relax with this gentle and elegantly floral white tea made with delicate jasmine blossoms from the alpine mountains, combined with semi-wild Shou Mei white tea foraged in the remote forests of Zhenghe, Fujian.

Green Peony
Purify your senses with this gorgeous white tea from the beautiful biodynamic tea estate of Mr. Tang, a passionate artisan who crafts teas with his hands and heart.



Wild Harvest Green
Enjoy the impeccable balance of freshness and complexity with this wild-foraged green tea from one of our favourite tea craftsmen - Hunter.

Osmanthus Laoshan Green
Experience the rich umami and brilliant sweetness of this fresh green tea, an expression of its unique terroir and traditional craftsmanship.



Snow Flake
A gorgeous Phoenix oolong that is sweet and floral. Only a small amount of the tea leaves are harvested in the depths of winter every year.

Da’an Songzhong
An exceptionally delicious and complex Phoenix oolong, a favourite tea of the buddhist monks who lived in the secluded Wudong Mountains. 



Meizhan Black
An exquisitely sweet and floral experimental black tea from lush tea gardens in the undulating mountains of Fengqing, Yunnan.

Laoshan Black
An exceptionally delicious black tea from the beautiful oceanside tea gardens of the Tang family in Qingdao, Shandong.


Ancient Spring Orchid
Relax and contemplate with this invigorating, full-bodied pu’erh raw crafted with first harvest leaves of 100-150 years old trees in an ancient tea garden situated at 6000 feet above sea level.

Essence of Lincang
A remarkably rich and sweet fermented pu’erh ripe, handcrafted in small batches. The leaves are harvested from 200 years old arbor trees, and carefully fermented for 3 months and then aged for 6 months. 


Flowers & Tea

Jasmine Snow Flake
An extraordinary tea with the most intoxicating and elegant jasmine fragrance. A truly unforgettable tea for special moments.

Osmanthus Laoshan Green
A special tea scented with seasonal sweet osmanthus flowers that come into bloom for only a few days during autumn of each year. 


Secret of the Empress

Gardenia Birds Tongue
An extraordinarily rare and exquisite tea, handcrafted with tremendous care and patience only once each year, in extremely limited quantities.

Rose Keemun Gold
An exquisite and precious tea, made with the authentic Keemun black - one of the most celebrated black teas in the world. Scented with fresh harvest roses and crafted following centuries-old traditions.


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