Uji Hojicha (For Hojicha Latte)



Spring 2024

Uji, Kyoto 

Arita Sansuien was founded in 1949 in Uji, Kyoto by Ippei Arita. In the 75 years since their founding, Arita Sansuien has formed deep relationships with the best tea farmers in their region. They only source tencha that is hand picked: a labour intensive, and increasingly rare, way to harvest tea, even in Kyoto. This commitment to quality offers some reason as to why their hojicha is so outstanding, but nothing can truly explain why this tea is so incredibly pleasurable to drink. 

While being whisked this hojicha looks very dark, like cocoa. Even when mixed with milk it appears exceptionally rich. Its taste is even softer and smoother than we would expect: it has a totally edgeless mouthfeel and a sweet, woody finish that lingers long after we’ve swallowed. Its strong, enveloping taste is very comforting: it makes for a sensual drink, and one that keeps us wanting to return to it …

We’ve felt a bit infatuated with this hojicha since trying it, and look forward to sharing our obsession with you.  


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