Wenge wood Incense Burner


An incredibly beautiful incense holder, crafted from wenge wood (鸡翅木), an exotic and rare hard wood that is known for its distinctive and unique texture and rich dark brown hues.

The incense holder features meticulous workmanship with traditional joinery. The top is carved with classic traditional “window” pattern, and a non-combustible cotton and wool fabric lines the bottom of the incense burner to prevent it from being damaged from the burning of the incense.

One of the things that we love about this incense holder is that it allows the whole incense to burn - no part of the incense is wasted/submerged in the holder.
Simply light your favourite incense in the wooden holder and watch the graceful and mesmerizing smoke emerge.

A wonderful addition to your incense ritual at home!

. . . . . . . . . . 

L: 10 ⅛"
W: 2"
H: 1 ¼


Please note that the measurements are approximate as each one is handmade and uniquely different.


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