Wild Laoshan White



May 2020

Laoshan, Qingdao

We have been working with the Tang family, generational tea farmers in Laoshan, Qingdao since we opened Cultivate more than 7 years ago. We are proud to offer their Laoshan White, Laoshan Green and Laoshan Black teas - these are special teas, harvested and crafted by the Tang family, from their small plots of tea farm scattered along the ocean.

This Wild Laoshan White is a special “Reserve” release from the family, only a few kilos were crafted in 2020.

The family came across a deserted tea garden tucked slightly in the forested hills of Laoshan, protected by the mountain behind it. The smell of the ocean gives way to red pines, cherry trees and overlayed with honeysuckle vines. The tranquility and great peace of this precious tea garden is resounding.

The tea trees are around 30 years old, and have been abandoned for almost a decade. Some of the tea trees stand at 7 feet tall, which is extremely rare for these indigenous small-leaf varietal of tea plants of Laoshan.

The Tang family kept this deserted tea garden to remain “wild” - rotted pine needles and pine cones were used as natural fertilizers, and weeds were not removed. The tea trees are born in the mountains, and continue to thrive without human interventions - no fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation.

The tea leaves were foraged for a period of two weeks from the end of April to the beginning of May, only a mere 5 kilograms were crafted in 2020. We are so grateful to be able to acquire a tiny amount of this precious tea to share with all of you.

The tea is full of energy, and is thick yet crisp and refreshing. It has the rhythm of pine and cypress.

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Brewing guide

The key to brewing this tea is to use boiling water, and very fast infusions, starting at 10 seconds.

Tea 5 g
Water 120 ml
Steep time 10 - 60 sec
No. of infusions 10

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