Matcha "Yamabuki" (For Matcha Latte)



Spring 2024

Yame, Fukuoka 

Of all of the matcha we carry, none are better suited to making as a latte than Yamabuki. This matcha carries an intense flavour, whilst still maintaining an incredible softness: it is powerful, but without any bitterness or sharpness.

Traditionally stone ground and well packaged for travel, this powder whisks into a silky, bright emerald froth with little effort.

The taste of Yamabuki sits at the perfect midpoint between its seaweedy, umami qualities and its floral, sweet qualities.

Please see here for our blog post on how to make a delicious matcha latte at home!

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Yame, Fukuoka is a tea producing region famous for gyokuro 玉露 and matcha.  It is located on the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu. The tea comes from what was once a small village named Hoshino, before it merged with neighbouring villages to form the city of Yame. Yame spans a mountainous area, with the Hoshino River flowing through it from East to West.

The land here is very fertile and, at a higher altitude, the air is continually moist and foggy. Tea trees grow steadily and slowly in these conditions, which gives both their tea’s sweetness and its savory, “umami” flavors depth and complexity. 


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