Yellow Pearl Chrysanthemum "Huai"



November 2023

Jiaozuo, Henan

Huai Chrysanthemum is one of the four most famous varietals of chrysanthemum from China. The flower originated in a small area in Henan Province, and still has the smallest growing region of all four kinds of chrysanthemum. Thus, Huai chrysanthemums are known as the most rare. They are also known to be the most medicinally potent in regards to their ability to clear heat and inflammation from the body.

These Huai chrysanthemums come from the small village in Jiaozuo, Henan. Their alpine farm is 2600 ft above sea level. It is a “natural farm,” where no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. The flowers are picked by hand in early November by a small group of women from the village. In this harvest, just over 50 kg of fresh flowers were collected over an intensive period of three full days.

The freshly picked flowers are crafted as tea according to the traditional method: they are scattered on bamboo mats, and then steamed in bamboo steamers over a charcoal fire. As soon as the petals of the chrysanthemums become soft, they are baked in low heat for a long period of time to thoroughly dry them.

We smell the warmth and sunshine in these perfectly dried, compact little flowers. It is very cheerful to watch them expand in the water, their thin yellow petals buoyantly dilating together. The tea they brew is extremely pleasing – it tastes warm and sunbaked, like hay and candied orange peel. At the back of the throat it causes a lifted, sweet, cooling sensation that makes us want to continue sipping it, just for the tingles it brings. Pearl chrysanthemum tea is both enervating and relaxing, much like high mountain sun.

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Brewing guide

Tea 2 g
100 °C
Water 200 ml
Steep time 2 min, 3 min, 3 min+
No. of infusions 5

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