Yuzu & Gold Guanyin



November 2020

Longquan, Zhejiang

Rich semi-wild Gold Guanyin black tea, scented and blended with fresh yuzu peel, available in limited quantities.

Yuzu, a yellow-golden citrus fruit, is believed to have originated along the Yangtze River in China. It is a hybrid of an ancient lime called Ichang Papeda 宜昌橙 and a sour mandarin orange. It first arrived in Japan during the Tang Dynasty over 1000 years ago and has since been widely cultivated.

The aroma of yuzu is hard to describe. It has a delicate floral note, and the essence of its fragrance falls somewhere between grapefruit and mandarin orange, with subtle overtones of bergamot and lime. Only a few yuzu farms exist in China, supplying fresh yuzu fruit to Japanese restaurants. Due to its scarcity, the selling price is high.

The tea is a semi wild Jin Guanyin from Longquan - a robust and rich black tea with floral and caramel notes. The black tea is scented with fresh yuzu peel in small batches, by layering the tea and the peel together on bamboo trays for 12 hours. The tea is then baked at low temperatures to ready for the second round of scenting. After two rounds of scenting, dried yuzu peels are hand crushed into small pieces and added to the tea and stored in an airtight container for the tea to absorb the aromatic oils from the peels. Ten kilograms of fresh yuzu fruit only yields 500g of dried yuzu peel.

The resulting tea is intensely fragrant, full of aromatic oils from the yuzu peels. On the palate, it starts off with notes of fresh yuzu, yuzu rind, and finishes with sweet, caramel notes from the black tea. A truly unique and special tea that is comforting, soothing and healing.

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Brewing guide

Tea 4g
90 °C
Water  120ml
Steep time 10 - 60 sec
No. of infusions 8

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