Cooling Greens: Everyday Shincha

The next two months will be peak Summer heat for most of us.

There are no better conditions for enjoying refreshing green teas ...we suspect we will be relying on sencha's cooling properties often!

Here are 3 selections for everyday enjoyment.


Shincha Kagoshima "Fukamushi"


This is the brightest green and most grassy-tasting Sencha we carry. The leaves are Fukamushi-style Deep Steamed at a lower temperature than usual, retaining its grassy fresh notes. 

It has a strong, forward flavour with floral undertones. It brews a striking, lime peel green colour, worth trying just to stare at!



Shincha "Yamano Ibuki"

Yamano Ibuki 山の息吹 translates as “breath of the mountains” and comes to us from a respected tea master harvesting higher elevation trees in the Shizuoka prefecture.

The inclusion of the stems gives this sencha a round, powdery mouthfeel. Compared to all-leaf senchas it feels sunbleached, and in its faded intensity we taste delicate notes like hay, lychee, and ocean water.


Shincha Kirari 31

“Kirari 31” is a cross between Sakimidori and Saemidori varietals. The result is a tea prized for its rich mouthfeel and lack of bitterness. 

Kirari is a very smooth sencha with soft umami and chlorophyll notes suspended in a viscous liquor that finishes with flowers as an aftertaste.

It brews a glowing, opaque green looking a bit like high polyphenol olive oil and offers a nutritive kind of energy.