Tea Club

A meticulous curation from our unparalleled collection of rare teas, delivered to you.

Our subscription series is the culmination of our eight-year-long efforts in sourcing the finest craft teas directly from foragers, small producers and growers in the pristine and remote growing regions across China.

Each delicious tea is articulated by the unique story of its cultivation and the expression of its terroir. The relationships we have built in seeking these stories nurture a remarkable and evolving collection.

In this series, we share the origins, methods, and experiential beauty of tea that continue to humble and delight us.

100% handmade soap bar
100% handmade soap bar

monthly subscription

The Cultivate Tea Club

A thoughtfully curated selection of four exceptional teas.

Each month, we share an exciting new selection of four teas that we and our artisan partners are most excited about: fresh seasonal harvests, indigenous varietals, exclusive releases of previous year vintages, limited-quantity experimental teas, as well as comparison and vertical tastings.

As a Tea Club member, you will also receive exclusive access to members-only discounts on seasonally curated selections of teas.

Past Volumes

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bi-monthly subscription (every 2 months)

The Hidden Dragons

In this limited and specially curated subscription, you will taste our rarest and most extraordinary small-batch teas, unreleased since our opening in 2014.

The teas in this subscription are highly-prized and rare cultivars of indigenous tea trees originating from distinctly renowned terroirs, and crafted according to centuries-old traditional techniques. Most are made in extremely small batches for private collectors and connoisseurs in China, and are not offered for sale otherwise.

As a member of the Hidden Dragons subscription, you will also have inside access to purchase some of these coveted and exclusive offerings.

Past Volumes

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